Dance studio Montreal teaches ballroom dancing & Latin dance, classes for swing and Jive available also. The dance school teaches Latin dance meringue, samba de Rio & American style Samba, cha-cha-cha, ballroom, salsa dancing Montreal and more. Learn to dance ballroom, Latin dance & Zumba cardio fitness workout. "L'école de danse de salon à Montréal"

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Ballroom Latin Dance School Montreal Dance Academy


Ballroom Latin dance school teaches salsa, cha-cha & samba in international & social dancing styling.


The dance studio Montreal provides dance lessons for swing and jive dancing.

The dance studio Montreal provides private dance lessons & group dance classes by professional dance instructors.

Free trial swing dance lesson: You are entitled to obtain One free trial swing dance lesson before you start attending the regular dance classes. No promising or signing anything, it is free. "Contact us now.


The dance classes in Montreal  are for all ages, no limit.


You don't need a dance partner "dancepartner" "Partenaire de danse " to join us. You can join us with or without dance partner.


You don't need special dance dress "dance dresses" or special dancing shoes, Latin dance shoes or ballroom dance shoes or Tango dance shoes to join the dance group. Clean summer shoes will do.


Note: bring additional pair of summer-shoes or running-shoes during snows & rains.

Wet shoes are not permitted on the dance floor.


The dance school doesn't sell dancing shoes, we teach people to dance.


Dance dresses: most people are in casual dresses - sporty.


Dance With The Stars' Academy:

The dance classes Montreal teach ballroom dancing, Latin dance, Salsa & Zumba cardio fitness workout.

The dance school Montreal provides classes for ballroom dancing & Latin dance. The dance school Montreal teaches Zumba cardio fitness workout also.

"Zumba Montreal Zumba"


The dance classes Montreal teaches ballroom dancing Latin dance Salsa & Zumba cardio fitness.

Zumba Montreal cardio fitness workout improves blood circulation and for great look & healthy body. Loose weight and burn calories during the party having fun and dancing on Latin music. Zumba courses Montreal are guided by certified & qualified Zumba instructors "zumba dance teachers".  "Contact us now"


The dance lessons are located in Montreal to serve you better.


Montreal ballroom Latin dance school teaches dances to Swing, Jive, Salsa, Rock & roll, and much more. Latin dance Montreal School teaches international & social Ballroom dancing, Brazilian Samba style of Rio de Janeiro & according to American Samba style.

Learn to dance before going out to Latin club to danse in Montreal or to your favorite parties. Do you like to learn to dance?

Contact us now"


Learn to dance before going out to Latin club in Montreal or to your special parties.


The dance classes in Montreal  are for all ages, no limit.


Don't hesitate to Contact us immediately to reserve before attending the regular dance classes and for the schedule and the special prices.


Note: Montreal ballroom Latin dance school teaches Argentinean "Argentinian" Tango from Argentina Argentine, Tango Argentin, Argentine tango in Montreal, cours de tango argentin à Montréal, escuela de tango argentino, "argentina".


Dance classes in Montreal, ballroom & Latin dance school in Montreal provides classes in international & social styling. Classes for swing, jive, salsa, merengue, cha-cha-cha, samba, ballroom, latin dance, ballroom, waltz, valse, Waltz,
Slow Waltz or English Waltz
Valse Viennoise, Viennese Waltz
fox-trot, rumba, tango, & tango argentin,
Quick-Steps and much more. Classes & lessons for Zumba cardio fitness workout party also.


In Standard Dance, the dance school Montreal teaches the following:


* Slow Waltz or English Waltz

* Valse Viennoise, Viennese Waltz

* Ballroom Tango, it is different from argentine Tango

* Le tango est bien une danse standard et non pas une danse Latine

* Quick-steps

* Slow-fox


Cours Salsa Montreal teaches Ballroom & Latin dancing.


Cours de Salsa Montréal is guided by certified dance instructors "dance teachers".

Latin & Ballroom dance classes Montreal teach Zumba cardio fitness party, Cha-Cha dancing, Rumba, Samba Rio, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Brazilian Samba, Quick-Steps, Swing, Fox Trot, Jive, Rock & Roll, Waltz, Tango, Passo Double, Passo Doble

International Ballroom & Social Latin dance provide lessons classes in Montréal Montreal provides private lessons and special classes for wedding, marriages, First dance wedding, and special occasions parties and birthdays.

The professional teachers are ready to help beginners & professional dancers to learn faster; Latin dance, ballroom, and Brazilian & American style Samba.



French Version


L’école de La danse latine de Montréal enseigner la danse internationale et la danse social et la danse de salon.

Latin Ballroom Latina international de la danse de salon social et la Danza Latina fournir des cours et des leçons à Montréal. L’école de la danse de salon et la danse Latin à Montréal a des leçons privées et des cours spéciales pour la Première danse de mariage, les graduations, les cours de danse Montreal est pour tous vos événements spéciaux. L'école de danse propose des spectacles spéciaux de danse pour toutes les occasions. L'école de danse a des cours spéciales pour les adultes et pour les enfants, prix raisonnable dans nos écoles de danse. L'école de danse latine à Montréal offre des leçons pour tous les âges.


Zumba Montreal est conduits par des professeurs professionnels. Zumba fitness et zumba cardio et zumba cardio workout et
cardio Zumba fitness sont pour meilleure circulation et pour bon santé. Nous avons aussi des cours de zumba Montréal pour votre santé et pour perde de poids et pour brûler des calories.


Cours de Zumba Montréal est pour votre santé.

L'école de zumba Montréal est pour perde de poids et pour brûler des calories.

Cours Zumba Montréal est spécialisée dans plusieurs niveaux de danse de salon danse Latine et Zumba cardio fitness partie.



École de danse Montréal


École de danse Montreal a la danse latine et la danse de salon aussi.

Ballroom & Latin Dancing Montreal teaches Salsa dancing & Batchata "Bachata".

Must contact us to reserve your place.

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The History channel of Jive dancing



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Jive (dance)


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


In Ballroom dancing, Jive is a dance style in 4/4 time that originated in the United States from African-Americans in the early 1930s. It was originally presented to the public as 'Jive' in 1934 by Cab Calloway. It is a lively and uninhibited variation of the Jitterbug, a form of Swing dance. Glenn Miller introduced his own jive dance in 1938 with the song "Doin' the Jive" which never caught on.

Jive is one of the five International Latin dances. In competition it is danced at a speed of 176 beats per minute, although in some cases this is reduced to between 128 and 160 beats per minute.

Many of its basic patterns are similar to these of the East Coast Swing with the major difference of highly syncopated rhythm of the Triple Steps (Chasses), which use straight eighths in ECS and hard swing in Jive. To the players of swing music in the 1930s and 1940s "Jive" was an expression denoting glib or foolish talk. Or derived from the earlier generics for giouba of the African dance Juba dance verbal tradition.



Must contact us to reserve your place.

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